Fantastic Life 

With The 18 Rules In This Book, You Can Accomplish Anything.

Go ahead, dream big. Because you’ve just found your roadmap for achieving anything you want in life. Define your “fantastic” and then go for it! This book shows you how.


Chapter 1
Know Your Story

“Write your own epitaph.” I’ve never been a fan of this sentiment. Because in the scope of life, it matters little what your epitaph says. What does matter is ...

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Chapter 2
Be Crystal Clear On
What Your Want

… Living a Fantastic Life takes honesty. The first step in knowing what you want in life is to take stock of ...

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Chapter 3
Build Your Résumé

… If a resume is so important, if we spend so much time and energy on building and perfecting our resume, shouldn’t that ....

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Chapter 4
All of Life is Connected

At 3:32 p.m. on August 14, 2003, an overheating electrical line sagged onto a tree just outside the city of ...

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