The Days are Long But the Decades are Short

I am amazed at the wisdom of some 30 year old’s. Below my comments is a blog by Sam Altman about what he has learned in his 30 years. I am sure I didn’t have this kind of wisdom at that age. I had focus, grit, and was working my ass off, but little wisdom.    Here are a few nuggets from Sam’s blog that still resonate with me, though… Read more →

Do You Have Enough?

Today’s LIFEies is a quick one. Below is a very simple story from author Kurt Vonnegut about a conversation he had with the author of Catch 22, Joseph Heller. It is a LIFEies lesson in the purest sense.   Please read the green highlighted section below and then simply ask yourself this question:  Do I have enough?   Knowing what you want… Read more →