Loving Monotony

When I was a hard charging young broker, I wanted to negotiate every deal to the absolute final deal point.  My first real lease I completely over negotiated, almost killed the deal and got schooled by Jim Watkins. Prior to becoming a broker, the first 22 years of my life were a nonstop thrill ride with two older brothers and playing sports.  When I finally got into the business world, I had a huge wake-up call.  Life… Read more →

Why Success Won`t Make You Happy

I am an achievement addict. I have been for all my life.  Is achievement the same as success?  Not sure but it is close enough for me to do some introspection and share my thoughts with you. I will use success and achievement interchangeably in this LIFEies. The Atlantic article by Arthur C. Brooks below talks about some people who choose success over happiness.  Let me… Read more →

Do You Have Enough?

Today’s LIFEies is a quick one. Below is a very simple story from author Kurt Vonnegut about a conversation he had with the author of Catch 22, Joseph Heller. It is a LIFEies lesson in the purest sense.   Please read the green highlighted section below and then simply ask yourself this question:  Do I have enough?   Knowing what you want… Read more →