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All my life I have tried to make sure I was heading in the right direction. From a young age I knew where I wanted to go and worked hard to achieve my goals. Now, I’ve raised four kids, competed in a ton of athletic competitions, and run a number of businesses. I also know that the world is filled with things that I can do or learn to make my life better.

Have you ever wished you had more time to read and uncover information that matters? Have you ever wanted to know more about a topic that could be helpful to you, your coworkers, kids, and friends?

My solution to this problem was to read and share. I have always been an obsessive reader of just about everything. Whenever I uncover interesting articles I share them with friends and family, always adding my own comments to make them personal. Most of these topics focus on how to live a better life – with my family, coworkers, and friends.

I have decided to share them with you. I call them LIFEies; weekly emails full of motivation, lessons, and simple facts of life. A LIFEies could contain a thought, an idea, a lesson, action item, or simply an interesting topic that any of us could benefit from learning about.

If you would like to be a part of the LIFEies weekly email, please sign up on the right. If you know someone who might enjoy this kind of reading, please share.

Hope you enjoy!


  •  As a third generation Arizonan, I am a big supporter of our adopted native Dr. Andrew Weil.  Everything he does is amazing.  Today, I wanted to share his three breathing exercises.  Focusing on breathing patterns is one of the many ways we can manage stress, fall asleep and even energize us throughout the day.  Here is a quick to-do list for today:Be sure to watch all three videos below.... Read More
  •  We are told by psychologists that humans need a certain amount of stress to thrive.  However, I would venture to say that just living in today’s world, most of us would say we have way too much stress in our lives. What, then, is the #1 cause of stress?  Allowing worry and negative thoughts control our emotions-- to ruminate.  In my Fantastic Life talks, I discuss how this is a complet... Read More
  •  Remember in fifth grade when your teachers would have you do team-building exercises? One of the main activities was the trust fall, leaning back and praying your partner caught you. There was always one kid no one wanted to pair up with, because he or she thought it was funny to let their partner fall on their butts. Success in any career depends on the kind of trust we learnt in school. N... Read More
  •  Most successful people have tips and tricks for how they got where they are. Some people even write entire books. (like I did with The Fantastic Life. If you haven't picked it up yet, you can order it here.) And every now and then, someone makes it as simple as 1, 2, 3. Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox, has only 3 simple rules for millennial professionals or really anyone currently look... Read More
  •  The most important aspect of deliberate practice is that you NEED to know what you are deliberately practicing for." Achieving the Fantastic Life is about knowing where you want to go, and the road you will take to get you there. The video posted by Dr. Cobb below discusses the development of skills and the process for deliberate practice. The development of any skill is obtained by the fo... Read More