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All my life I have tried to make sure I was heading in the right direction. From a young age I knew where I wanted to go and worked hard to achieve my goals. Now, I’ve raised four kids, competed in a ton of athletic competitions, and run a number of businesses. I also know that the world is filled with things that I can do or learn to make my life better.

Have you ever wished you had more time to read and uncover information that matters? Have you ever wanted to know more about a topic that could be helpful to you, your coworkers, kids, and friends?

My solution to this problem was to read and share. I have always been an obsessive reader of just about everything. Whenever I uncover interesting articles I share them with friends and family, always adding my own comments to make them personal. Most of these topics focus on how to live a better life – with my family, coworkers, and friends.

I have decided to share them with you. I call them LIFEies; weekly emails full of motivation, lessons, and simple facts of life. A LIFEies could contain a thought, an idea, a lesson, action item, or simply an interesting topic that any of us could benefit from learning about.

If you would like to be a part of the LIFEies weekly email, please sign up on the right. If you know someone who might enjoy this kind of reading, please share.

Hope you enjoy!


  •   We have covered a pretty wide array of topics over the last six years in my LIFEies.  Never have I talked about an emergency plan in case of a natural disaster.  AND yet, they occur…a lot. In 2018 alone in the US we had at least five natural disasters (an earthquake in Alaska, tornadoes in the Midwest, California wildfires, mudslides in Montecito, Maryland floods, Hurricane Michael, ... Read More
  •   Habits can make your life better…way better.  Below is an article on the science of new habits and what you can do.  As you know, I am a huge believer in habits. If you want more, check out Atomic Habits by James Clear — it's a must read. Here are a few of the suggestions and some of the habits I am working on right now: Start small—In 2018, I started doing 2 push-ups ever... Read More
  •   93% of our time is spent indoors!  That statistic  is insane.  We CAN and WILL do better than that.  Get outside.  Do something outside today and tomorrow AND for the rest of your life. Here are three ways to get outside today: --A 5 minute walk outside (not in your building, not in the mall—outside). --Sit in your backyard this evening. --Go for a hike today or plan one t... Read More
  •   Tim Denning (author of today’s article below), looked around at his successful friends and realized they think and speak differently.  They also work harder than his less successful friends.  From the first two sentences you should glean my first takeaway from the below article:  If you want to live a Fantastic Life, hang out with people who truly have one. Then pick some of the s... Read More
  •   As you know if you have been a regular reader of LIFEies, I only hang out with Batteries-Included people.  I’ve had a number of readers ask, "What if you are a naturally negative or ‘reality based’ person?"  Below is an article with a sound strategy for making a sustainable change to becoming more positive and a force for good.  The author, Amy Morin, says the first step is to ... Read More