Be Happier in 10 Seconds

  I’m sure you’ve heard someone tell you that success requires the right mindset. But when it comes down to the moment of truth, how can you ensure you have the right mindset you need? To put yourself in the right mindset in 10 seconds, create a mantra. Here is why: Repeating a mantra as simple as “I can do this”… Read more →

self improvement

Who Are We Seeking to Become?

  What are you doing to make yourself better? Today, and every day…we get the privilege to live our life. Today, do something to take yourself down the path toward who YOU want to become. It’s not just a privilege. I think it’s an obligation–to yourself. Rule #8 from my book The Fantastic Life: Play Where You Can Win Every day… Read more →


What Are Your Evening Habits?

  Want to get ahead? Success doesn’t always start at the office. Sometimes the most important habits are formed when you get home. Today’s LIFEies is on creating evening habits to build a foundation for success. Here are a few action items to build into habits:          Identify your three biggest rocks for tomorrow. Write them down at the top of your Action… Read more →