three breathing

Three Breathing Exercises

  As a third generation Arizonan, I am a big supporter of our adopted native Dr. Andrew Weil.  Everything he does is amazing.  Today, I wanted to share his three breathing exercises.  Focusing on breathing patterns is one of the many ways we can manage stress, fall asleep and even energize us throughout the day.  Here is a quick to-do… Read more →

detox dialogue

Detox Your Internal Dialogue

  The heaviest weight we carry is that of emotional and stressful pressures that we have created or that have been established within our own minds. Our mental weight impacts our outlook on life, ultimately influencing the simplest everyday routines. Here are a couple points that we know to be true but are hard to correct:        “How we talk to ourselves… Read more →

Woman sitting in the window and meditating.

How to Stick with Mediation

  A part of the Fantastic Life is meditation (prayer, time out, whatever you want to call it) but damn it is hard to get the habit fully integrated into my life. I read Russell Simmons’s Success through Stillness and send myself the “how to” chapter to read every month.  I schedule time in my calendar to take a break.… Read more →


An Easy Way to Increase Your Brain Power

  I have talked about meditation before in LIFEies.  Below are some additional reasons to try it if you have not, and to keep going if you are on the path.  Practicing mindful meditation allows our brains to continually grow and develop while reducing mental pressure.  Some great outcomes of mindful meditation: Regular meditation will increase our awareness, concentration and decision-making… Read more →

12.5.16 more on meditation

More on Meditation

  I keep thinking and spending more and more time on meditation. And I consider my time pretty valuable. I think I have made strides in getting myself more relaxed, enjoying the moments better, and generally improving my outlook.  I thought I would send along a couple articles on meditation that I found interesting and helpful. As I have said… Read more →