Life Lessons

Getting What You Deserve

As a parent of college graduates, I talk with my kids fondly about formal education and the great experiences you have over that time. But here is an important reminder about work—it’s not school. It’s not fair. You don’t always get what you deserve. So how do you make sure you get what you deserve in the real world?  Below, Victor Cheng… Read more →

Reasons to give thanks

Reasons to Give Thanks

  This is the season to be thankful.  We know that being thankful and grateful is one of the most powerful advantages in life.  Below are 10 reasons why we all should be more thankful — all the time.  I have highlighted my favorites below, and added a few from my personal reasons: –The most thankful, most grateful people have… Read more →


The Single Biggest Problem Every Successful Person Faces

  I love everything Malcolm Gladwell writes, or in this case, talks about. The below article covers a discussion between Gladwell and Lance Armstrong that captures a great message for all of us on the journey to be successful.   When talking to Armstrong, Gladwell points out: “The job of running a complex organization or starting a business is all… Read more →


Trust in the Turtle

  Below is an article about how Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks) got his job at Starbucks. He pursued the company for over a year before he got the word they were not hiring him. He was undeterred, and the rest is history. Here are some lesson to learn from his tenacity:   –Failing is OK. Failing and giving up… Read more →