positive thinking the right way

Positive Thinking…the Right Way

  We know a positive mindset is critical to finding success and having a fulfilling life.  In an interesting twist, however, thinking positively can have negative effects on the future.   The secret is in the obstacles that are standing in the way of achieving your goals.  As Dan Sullivan would say, “Obstacles are the raw material for obtaining your goals.” … Read more →


How Much To Save For Emergencies?

  Preparing for the unexpected emergency seems impossible.  The main reason is it’s UNEXPECTED. You don’t know how much to save or what to prepare for because there is no warning for what’s going to happen. All the more reason to prepare. Waiting until the emergency happens is always too late.  66 million Americans do NOT have emergency savings. (Click… Read more →


Why You Should Be Obsessed

  We all struggle to achieve our career and personal goals.  Today, I argue that the problem may not be how hard you’re doing something, but what you’re actually striving towards.  Clarity of purpose is Rule #2 of living the Fantastic Life.  You have to love what you’re doing, be passionate about it, be willing to do anything for it.… Read more →

Succeeding...Reminders for the week

Succeeding…Reminders for the Week

  Everyone wants success.  But not everyone achieves it. Below is an article on why people don’t succeed.  Here are four reminders for all of us this week on how we can sidestep distractions toward success. —Time must consistently be spent on high-quality activities.  Don’t major in minor things.  —Being successful is balancing the few essential things (spiritual, relational, financial, physical).… Read more →

Maximize Your Energy

Maximize Your Energy

Having energy is important for living The Fantastic Life.  Here are a few tips (and an article) on how to maximize your energy.  We know these tips, but we need to remind ourselves to continue to do the right things to keep our energy levels at their peak.           Be aware and consistent with healthy eating, exercise, and sleeping habits.          “You… Read more →


The Power of Curiosity

  “Passionately curious” is a term used by some people to describe their greatest characteristic.   The Wall Street Journal asked some interesting people their take on the subject of curiosity. Here are my takeaways: Ask more questions than you make statements – Joseph Gordon-Levitt Embrace that anxiety and fear of the unknown are a powerful driver for curiosity – Taryn Simon Curiosity is a… Read more →