Using the Weekend

  Here is a different perspective:  Weekends are not mini-vacations.  Rather, they are an opportunity to grow.  In our society, we are taught that career growth/change/focus happens Monday – Friday.  Not true.  Why not take your life to the next level (yes, The Fantastic Life level) and use the weekend to make positive change in your life?   Below is an article by Todd… Read more →

My Secret Weapon

  I don’t know Jon Westenberg, but I know we have something in common.  We both view reading as a secret weapon.  And we read…A lot. Reading lets you see the world through a new set of eyes. It will serve as motivation for achieving your goals and can also provide you with some instruction on how to reach those goals… Read more →

Habits of Eventual Millionaires

  Living The Fantastic Life is not all about money.  However, money has given me more time.  With more time, I have been able to experience more.   James Altucher (a favorite blogger of mine) is always good and his infographic below about the habits of millionaires is great.  I am aligned with a number of the below habits (I call them rules in my book, The Fantastic Life).  Here are a few that… Read more →

You Can Get Smarter

  Psychologists have determined the quality of your life is in large part dependent on your perspective.  I believe I control my destiny.  I also believe I can continue to grow, learn and as it turns out—get smarter.  Below is an article by Richard Friedman that was in the NY Times about how you can become smarter.  Here are a… Read more →

Words Mean Things

  I don’t profess to have a great vocabulary, but I do try to increase my vocabulary every day.  Seth Godin puts this idea in a more eloquent way than me: If you are only able to use 1,000 words, nuance goes out the window.The typical native speaker knows 20,000 words, and there’s your opportunity:If you know 40,000 words, if you learn five words a day for… Read more →